Who am I?

That’s a good question which many philosophers and religious founders through out the ages has been asking one self, and I can naturally neither give a comprehensive explanation on that. But never the less, I think it is an interesting question to think about.

An equally great interest of mine is IT. Through my work as a developer, I get an unique insight into the world of computers. A more correct term would be computer nerd, who loves to tinker with hardware and software. I love to develop computer systems, because the planning and programming of the software, is like building a thing, which makes users happy and serves a purpose. Like a carpenter which builds a house or a shed, which is something useful. My preferred computing platform is Linux, because here I have access to all the intimate details about all parts of the operating system.

Regardless of how I define myself, one thing is certain, my name is Søren Brønsted and you can contact me by phone on +45 31 49 32 22 or email