Full stack and data developer



I am a senior full-stack developer with skills in data modeling, analytics, and machine learning. I am passionate about open-source software, automated tests, code coverage, and quality, and I love working with web technologies and data. I like to learn new technologies, and programming languages as well as business areas. I am also used to leading a team of developers with agile methods such as Kanban or Scrum and guiding on technology and best practices.


Topdanmark (2023 – present)

Topdanmark is an insurance company, where my role is Senior Data Developer, and my work consists of building data pipelines by transforming data from data lakes to data models in a Company wide data warehouse on the Snowflake platform. Tools are primarily SQL, dbt, python and javascript, git and jenkins.

Lift (2022 – 2023)

Lift is a customer survey platform (CSAT) where my role is a data engineer. I have built client analytics with Snowplow and a data platform/warehouse with Kafka, Clickhouse, and Metabase. With the data platform, I also develop customer churn prediction and analytics with python Scikit, Pandas, and machine learning all running on Azure infrastructure.

Role: Tech Lead

Børsen (2020 – 2022)

Børsen is a financial newspaper company, where my role is a full stack developer. All systems are developed in PHP, javascript, GraphQL, REST API, and MySql using Laravel in a microservice architecture and running on AWS infrastructure.

Role: Developer

UFDS (2012 – 2020)

UFDS is an insurance company that insures seafarers for occupational injuries on board Danish ships. Work injury insurance is compulsory in Denmark, and when a person is injured on a ship, a notification is sent to UFDS, and thereby we become responsible for the subsequent process, which can often take several years. Therefore, we have the following systems that I have developed and am responsible for:

  • A case system that keeps track of where in the process a work injury is. It keeps track of the correspondence, decisions by authorities, provisions for future payments, and expenses in connection with the case.
  • A payout system that calculates the monthly payments for recognized work injuries.
  • A provisioning system that calculates the need for future capital based on known damages and their progress.
  • A policy system that keeps track of which ships a shipowner has insurance for. An annual fee is collected from the shipowner (premium) and registration of payments on policies.
  • A ship register that obtains official ship data from the authorities, so UFDS knows when ship owners make or buy new ships or dispose of existing ones.
  • A Business Intelligent system (BI) that gathers data from all systems forms the basis for analyzing and reporting to public authorities.

All systems (except BI) are developed on the LAMP platform with SPA (Single Page App) in the browser made by HTML, CSS, and Javascript with REST calls to the server, which is developed in PHP and Mysql on Linux. The BI is developed on Mysql with stored procedures and PHP for job control.

Role: Head of development on insurance and financial systems.

Casalogic (2009 – 2012)

The projects are typically based on Typo3 (CMS) with integrations to the customer’s own systems. Applied technologies are PHP, Javascript, Html, open-source databases, CSS, and Linux.

Role: Developer

Freelance consultant (2006 – 2009)

Consultant work with customers who requested my Java and J2EE competencies and derived Java tools and libraries such as Ant, Maven, Spring, open source databases, and Web services on Linux and windows.

Role: Developer

TietoEnator (1999 – 2006)

Consultant work with customers who requested my Java and J2EE competencies and derived Java tools and libraries such as Ant, Maven, Spring, open source databases, and Web services on Linux.

Role: Developer

Dansk Data Elektronic (1998 – 1999)

Development of a system for journalizing documents. Applied technology is Java and C ++.

Role: Developer

Neti Neti Aps (1994 – 1998)

Development and maintenance of a general product catalog where one could get a given component into the drawing. The system specifically approached mechanical engineers and machine parts manufacturers. Applied the technology used is C ++, Lisp, AutoCAD, and Windows.

Role: Developer

Dansk Distribution Center (1991 – 1994)

Development and maintenance of systems for route planning and distribution of local newspapers. The applied technology used is C, Ncurses (terminal emulation), and Unix.

Role: Developer


Course provider: Coursera
Title: Machine learning
Period: 2015

Course provider: Prosa
Title: Hacker Workshop
Period: 2004

School: Copenhagen Business School
Degree: Datanom
Field of study: Computer
Period: 1990 – 2000

School: TietgenSkolen
Degree: Edb assistant
Field of study: Computer
Period: 1988 – 1989

School: Svendborg Navigation Skole
Degree: Officer
Field of study: Ship navigation and cargo handling
Period: 1986 – 1988


Danish (first language)